Our Wine Cellars

Our custom wood wine racks are made from clear furniture grade unfinished Sapele Mahogany, unless another wood species is specified by the client. We can customize the racks to fit almost any space. We can install wood shelving, cabinets, glass shelving, metal rods, or wires to hold the wine bottles. Wood stain and finishes are available upon request.

Refrigeration System
Refrigeration systems can range from simple to complex depending on the application. Most often we use a custom commercial grade split system. We often use a Heatcraft evaporator that is installed on the ceiling near the highest point of the room, and a Copeland condensor installed outside the building or home. A remotely controllable thermostat will be installed inside the cellar for precise temperature control.

LED Lighting
LED lighting is available to go anywhere inside the wine room, but most often we use tape light in the high reveal bottle display areas to illuminate the labels. If there are specific feature locations, we use a LED puck light to spotlight those areas. These lights can be managed from a simple switch or combined into an automated lighting scheme.

We always use a closed cell polyurethane insulation that is professionally applied at a minimum depth of 3″. Closed cell insulation is necessary to keep your cellar mold free.

The door to your wine cellar is as important as the interior finishes. We can match any style of door. Most often our customers will choose from wood or steel with glass panels, or a completely glass door. The doors can be finished in a variety of different ways to highlight the cellar. The enclosure itself can be a simple closet, to a full glass enclosed showroom.

Other Custom Finishes*
We are a full service wine cellar company with a Florida contractor’s license. That means we can provide services that other companies can’t. We can customize your wine cellar with:
Stone or wood countertops
Venetian plaster on walls or ceilings
Stone or brick veneers on walls
Tile floors and backsplashes
Painted murals
Glass panels
Cabinetry of any kind
Show us a picture or share your inspiration and let our designers show you what we can do to make your wine cellar special.

*Materials and specifications may change. Contact Cave a’ Vin for details.